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Charts and visuals save time. Charts can relay information 10x faster than data alone, simplifying complex datasets and increasing your understanding.

OptionCharts™ makes complex data simple, saving time on analysis and enhancing your trading decisions. We offer a suite of powerful charts and visualizations to provide unique insights into the options market, including:

  • Option Profit & loss
  • Option volume
  • Open interest
  • Implied volatility skew
  • Max pain
  • Probability distribution
  • Greeks
  • Gamma exposure

Our charts help traders identify trends, analyze data, and make informed decisions about options trading strategies. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just beginning your journey into options, OptionCharts™ is here to help you succeed.


Introducing Our Powerful Option Charts

Option Strategy Profit & Loss

The Option Profit and Loss Chart illustrates the potential profit or loss of an options strategy at expiration. This tool helps traders understand the risks and rewards of their options trades.

Screenshot of Option Strategy Profit & Loss

Open Interest

The open interest chart shows the number of open contracts for an option. It can be used as an indicator to gauge market sentiment.

Screenshot of Open Interest

Option Volume

The volume chart displays the number of options contracts bought or sold at each strike. Investors can use it as an indicator of market trends and option liquidity.

Screenshot of Option Volume

Probability Distribution

The Probability Distribution Chart illustrates the market's perceived likelihood of various outcomes. It displays both the lognormal probability distribution based on the Black-Scholes model and the call/put market-implied probabilities derived from the current market prices of butterfly spreads.

Screenshot of Probability Distribution

Max Pain

The Max Pain Chart is a visual representation of the Max Pain Theory. It illustrates the price at which the stock would cause financial losses for the largest number of option holders at expiration.

Screenshot of Max Pain

Implied Volatility Skew

The Implied Volatility Skew Chart displays the implied volatility (IV) across all strikes for both call and put options. Investors can examine the volatility skew to identify low and high-priced contracts, which can help them decide whether to buy or sell.

Screenshot of Implied Volatility Skew


The Greek Charts display Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega for calls and puts across all strikes. Greeks are calculated from current market prices using the Black-Scholes model. These values help option traders understand various aspects of option price sensitivity and the potential impact of market factors on their positions.

Screenshot of Greeks

Gamma Exposure

The Gamma Exposure Chart, often called "GEX", displays the gamma exposure across all strikes. This chart helps traders understand the potential impact of price changes on their options positions.

Screenshot of Gamma Exposure

Option Contract History

The Option Contract History chart displays the price and volume of the option contract over time in a candlestick chart format. This chart provides traders with a visual representation of the historical performance of a specific option contract, allowing them to analyze historical price trends and trading volume.

Screenshot of Option Contract History

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